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    2011 Member of the Year Nominations Begin Now!

For the first time in theOtaku.com’s history, before we usher in a new year, we will take a moment and reflect back on those who helped define our community in the past year. It’s our small and public way of saying thanks. Introducing theOtaku.com’s first-ever Member of the Year Awards.

Awards will be announced on December 31st in the following categories:

  • Member of the Year
  • Commenter of the Year
  • Fan Artist of the Year
  • Wallpaper Designer of the Year
  • Comic Artist of the Year
  • eCard Designer of the Year

What’s the process for determining these winners? While there’s no formula, three of the main attributes we look at are: (1) Frequency of Contributions, (2) Quality of Contributions, (3) Friendliness and Integrity.

If you think a certain member deserves one of these honors, feel free to sing their praises in the comments and nominate them! Member nominations will help tilt the scale in case there are ties.

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