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Word Gets Around, Ezio

It's been awhile since I last made a wallpaper, I know. Just...don't have as much time as I used to...well...rather, I have the same amount of time, I'm just using it more wisely. Putting my skills to oils and canvas rather than Photoshop. Reading more too.

With the announcement of Assassins Creed III I decided to start playing the games again. Mostly ACII, but I played around with Revelations, too. There is this one man I really liked. Piri Reis, an admiral and cartographer in the Ottoman Navy.

Whenever I would visit him, to learn a new bomb skill, we would chit chat for a bit beforehand. One time, while we were discussing a superior Turkish smoke bomb, he referenced Ezio's Eagle Vision ability. And the camera kinda zoomed in on Ezio and his usually hazel eyes were glowing gold. It is a small, insignificant scene, but one of my favorites. So I took a clip from Brotherhood and altered Ezio's eye color to that gold. Then I put in the golden background contrasted with the black to highlight that exquisite color.

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