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So last night, I finally finished Dangan Ronpa. It was really good, but omg so messed up! Especially when you continue on from the Epilogue and the game starts over again. That's when you start to notice spoilers that you didn't know were spoilers at the beginning and those spoilers have spoilers within. SPOILERCEPTION.

I can't say much without spoiling things and I will hide the parts that may potentially be minor/major ones, but personally, the game is ALOT better than the anime. It wasn't until part of the end game, midway through Chapter 5, that I realized just exactly how many major plot points were left out! I know anime based on games aren't always great and are pretty much a general rushed summary, but wow. That was only HALF of what you got out of it though. All I can say is, the major half is CRAZY and you will be all like "WTF? NO NO NO NO" and it will melt your mind. It did for me. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THAT. It was so dark and... despair ridden. I loved it though. Especially towards the end where it started with a good transition from hope to despair and back to hope again. Especially the part where they finally exited the school on the true ending. That gave me a little bit of feels and just... It was so good. ;u;

Ugh, I can't wait for Super Dangan Ronpa 2 to come out in 3 more months! I'm excited for it. For now though, I'm currently doing a New Game + on the bonus School Mode, also known as "What if" mode, for completion. Also, if you boot up your save from it, you then start to realize just how creepy Monokuma's laughter is. xD

(Also, those things in the second paragraph that are blacked out I did for risk of minor or possible major spoilers for you. Highlight them at your own risk. But please do not get upset with me because I warned you!)

Danganronpa (Series) iPhone & iPad Wallpapers
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