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I am sorry I still don't understand the difference between a vector and a render....anyway....

LAMBO!!! *spins around in chair* MY SEXY COW HUSBAND TO BE!!!! ;///D Yes in deedy he is my love! Oh my gosh I haven't fallen so hard since...2 years ago for an anime guy but man this guy got me hook line and utter!!! *fail* Okay okay! Anyway this is my first Vongola Guardian wallpaper and it had to be his adult 25 year old version because he is so sexy! I can't get enough of him as a child and his stupidity, but when he is a teen I love how laidback he is and still a cry baby but when he is an adult....oh let the swooning begin....^/////^

Anyway, lightning or thunder, I wanted the wallpaper to be electric and this turned out great I believe! It's shocking really! *bricked* Bah! Haha! I plan on submitting one of each character of the guardians, hopefully I will find good images. I lucked out on my first 3 characters even though I won't be submitting the 3rd for another day or so! :P Guess you will be waiting a bit longer!

So yes, my Lambo is now a stunning wallpaper! Hehehe, moo-ve over Bradley Copper, Lambo is the sexiest man alive!!! *laughing like an idiot*

Comments, hugs, and favs are always welcomed!!! <3


Katekyo Hitman Reborn iPhone & iPad Wallpapers
bovino, cow, guardian, hitman, katekyo, lambo, lightning, mafia, night, reborn, thunder, vongola, weather
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