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Forgotten Legend

"Who am I?
I am nobody
Who are you?"

This might be confusing to understand if you don't get me ^^' For me a picture paints a thousand words and when I found the quote I could literally see it in front of me. The hard part was of course finding the scans. The scan was from Minitokyo and the background was hidden in my comp~

The meaning to this means, hmm, how do I explain this?
The man you see is walking in ruins. No one else is around. He walks with weapons and in a way that he is not afraid. The world is over, he is a survivor and he is still fighting to survive. When the world rebuilds itself, he won't matter anymore but the whole point now is he is alive... and alone. The quote enhances the fact that he will not be in history books, will not be given any awards and is in fact a nobody. A nobody who survived and that's it.

The quote ends with 'Who are you?' which I believe means that everyone will be nobody and yet somebody. Some will be forgotten, some will be remembered but that doesn't change who you are. He is forgotten and he knows that but he wants to know what you were not remembered for and who you are.

Long description is long.
I'll be posting up an Ecard ver.

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