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r*u=gc (a simple formula that can also be written as "rain * umbrella = good choice")

Because I have this expectation from humans and other consciousness developing creatures to carry an umbrella on bad weather. Even demons should use an umbrella!

Randomly dedicated to a completely unrelated to the story member of this site that honestly has nothing to do with the reason I made this for. And that is not a lie. Unless we change the definition of truth.

(Note: This wallie is merely a joke. Whatever I wrote above shouldn't be taken seriously. Even so, for a joke I've put too much effort into it... I mean... why did I even bother to fix Kyon's hand and redraw almost the whole umbrella?
Oh, it was meant to be an ecard, not iPhone wallie, but it was too small.

I wonder why is there a lack of TMOHS iWallies... Is Haruhi Suzumiya era really over?!

Back to the random person: Seriously now, umbrella is very important. Remember that next time you go outside on a raining day, okay? Nothing personal, though. Just a tiny advice I'm insisting on. So, random someone, whoever you are, whatever you are, always carry an umbrella! It might save your hair life one day.

Have I gone too far? Please don't break your umbrella on me *little left in the rain puppy eyes*

Kyon and Haruhi scan
BG scan
Font: Chiller
PS modified speech bubble

Haruhi Suzumiya iPhone & iPad Wallpapers
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