vampirehitsugaya Out on the Town!

Heyo Otakus!

"She came back!"

Yes indeed it is I, vampirehitsugaya back for yet another fabulous challenge! How well can you party? We're on a mission to have day/night in town! When we party, we party hardy. When we boogie, we boogie oogie!XD Basically what I want you to do is create a wallpaper using a city scape![

Examples: Meltdown, Right Direction, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, forget yesterday, and { Friends }.


"Cause you can't have a challenge without 'em

1.) The wallpaper must contain a city, village, town, etc. It counts as long as I see buildings- more than 3. Castles do not count. I will not accept a city font to be used as a substitute fir a real one.

2.) Follow the rules of TheO and keep it pg13. Yoai/Yuri is allowed.

3.) UNLIMITED ENTRIES! 'Cause it makes challenges more fun!

4.)Have fun and don't stay out past 4am!

I'm a vampire!

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