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For my non-Mary Sueish OC, I started out by picking the popular anime Naruto. Then it hits me; What about ninjas from other villages? We hardly see any Rain, Rock, or Cloud Village Shinobi. Which brings us to this ninja named Kusa Tokubetsu.

Kusa Tokubetsu comes from the Japanese words meaning "Special Grass". His birth place was the grass-like plains of the Grass Village, neighboring the rock and the leaf village. The Tokubetsu Clan have been well known with their genjutsu and ninjutsu with plants. They were so well known that their name's are in mostly every samurai bingo book. When Kuas was about 4 years old at the time, his parents got ambushed by high-ranked samurai. The mother dies in the hands of the samurai. Heartbroken, the father steals samurai swords and fled far away where he and the rest of the clan could resort their lives into crime. Kusa was abandonned.

The only relationship that Kusa had with anyone would be Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi, who was still ANBU at the time, was assigned to escort the young Kusa to the Leaf Village for adoption. Since everyone knew of the notorius Tokubetsu clan, most of them didn't want to adopt Kusa. Kakashi adopted Kusa and trained him a bit until, at age 12, he went and passed the chunin exams like about when Naturo was 10 years old.

Kusa is very tall and skinny chunin with green hair. He has light blue eyes, but his eyes turn orange when he uses chakra. He is considered very lazy, bored, and a little emo. He can get easily annoyed so he uses a toothpick to calm himself down. Because of his past, Kusa's main goal is to destroy the samurai and find his father. He believes in the "Cripple the opponent so they would be taught a lesson" philosiphy.

Now to talk about Kusa's abilities as a ninja. In the Tokubetsu Clan, their bloodline ability allows them to literally snatch some energy from the opponent, but they can only use that energy for a short period of time. Kusa only uses this ability as a last resort or when he's angry. He has the B Fighting Style with Ninjutsu high, Genjutsu normal, and taijutsu low. When using jutsu, Kusa uses basic earth-style jutsu and he uses tall grass to hide from enemies. His weapon is the two samurai swords that his father gave to him before he left. But as all adults know, do not play with pointy, sharp objects. Kusa learned that the hard way...he now has a scar covering his right eye.

I hpoe that you like Kusa and I wish everyone good luck on craeting OC's for Markus. (You're going to need it). Thank you!


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