Ode to Anime Ryu

I'm no poet...but this is my piece for the 'Ode to Anime' challenge. I know, the syllable count is pretty variable and kinda messes up the rhythm, but whatever. Hope you enjoy!

I turn on the TV and the screen starts flashing.
I see swords sparking and rivalries clashing.
I see cars turn into robots, who start dashing,
Because that's what happens in anime's imagination.

Bright strobing colors blind my vision.
'To be continued' makes my heart quicken.
I await an unlikely hero to be risen.
Because I know it will happen in Japanimation.

My manga shelves are about to crack.
My friends think that I've gone whack.
I think of Bandai when I hit the sack.
Those fantastic stories will always be my sanction.

I talk to others about my favorite series.
It even takes time away from my studies.
I buy model kits and make mecha copies.
And revel in finished products of fan creation.

The timeless shows have held me since I was a child.
Triumphant characters made my mind go wild.
Symbolic scenes always have me beguiled.
I always smile a little at every series' completion.


Date Published
05/08/09 (Originally Created: 04/22/09)
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Ode to Anime
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