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My favorite story of all time,
(A least from Ol’ Nippon),
Is arguably still in its prime
With fangirls that do spawn

Shameless fics, but I digress;
That’s not the point I make.
For here I will try to assess
The plot for a challenge’s sake.

It started out quite simply,
With a boy who could see ghosts.
But when they went on a killing spree,
He got a lethal dose

Of spirit power, from a sword
That wasn’t even his.
A soul reaper that couldn’t afford
To bring him in the biz.

It was all ok, for a while,
Until her bro showed up.
Captain, vice were quite hostile,
And did kick that boy’s butt.

“We’re going back,” they said to her,
And she told boy to stay away.
But actually what did occur,
Was a rescue anyway.

This is where the story
Does get a little muddled.
Twenty plus peeps in all their glory
Left viewers a bit befuddled.

Honorable people ran
The Soul Society.
And with this goal in mind began,
To hunt the boy you see.

But so intent were they, they missed
A honkin’ patch of treason,
That was sitting in their midst,
Just waiting for this season,

To go against them, kill them all,
Is what he had in mind.
So while boy saved girl after all,
He joined with Shinigami kind,

To fight the current Winter War,
Which is where he is today.
But things for him do look quite sore,
I’m not afraid to say.

So eagerly, with all the fans,
To see the end, I aim.
But one thought I have on hand,
What’s with the laundry name?

red tigress
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11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 04/05/09)
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