The background of an Angel sumirechan

This is the past of my OC in City of Legend, Jean Cross. It explains her personality and...tendency to monologue?!Nevermind...enjoy.

The times were hard. A war had unleashed between Angels and Demons. Most Angels had gone into hiding, but many had been killed by now. It was nearly as bad as the Holocaust. One night the life of an Angel named Jean Cross changed forever.

That night, she was lying on her bed with her long brown hair and white wings spread on her blankets. In front of her, Will Cross, her older brother strummed a guitar singing. The Cross siblings were quite unite, and at the same time alone in the world. He cared for her much, and she would have followed him to the end of the world itself.
Schoolbag in hand,
She leaves home in the early morning
Waving goodbye
With an absentminded smile...

"Will,"interrupted Jean, with an innocent voice,"when are we leaving this house?"

She always asked this, but Will never answered to her straightly. He hated to think that maybe they would be locked forever. The precautions they had taken into hiding were strict. The windows were painted black, closed all the day. No loud noises. Whispering. It was a sad life. Nor Jean, nor Will, who was sixteen by now, would stand it for long time. "Soon,"he said, smiling. "I promise,"he took off a small key necklace. It had the shape of a crescentmoon and small silver wings. "Keep it. As a gift. It's...not what demons are looking for. But it's special, anyway,"he said. Jean nodded.

There was a knocking on the door. Five knockings. Will opened his eyes in fear.

They had been discovered.
He took Jean and hid her in a closet. "Stay here, don't make a sound,"he told her. Jean shivered as the door closed and darkness surrounded her. She was after all, just a ten year old. She was afraid. "Will...?"she whispered. There was a loud cry. She couldn't help it.

She burst through the door in time to see her brother getting stabbed by a hooded figure. His face went pale and his eyes caught Jean in a look that only could mean one thing:

Run away...

He fell limply to the floor. Jean stood there, horrified. The Demon started to turn around, but it was late. Jean had already left, flying with all the speed her wings allowed her to reach.

She flew, kept flying, her eyes tearful. She could very barely see, she bumped into walls and trees every second and remained flying, blood running down her head and back. Her strenght started to leave her...and she collapsed.

Near there, a graceful elf walked down a park. Her name was Amelié. She was possibly one of the best archers in Elven territory. She walked slowly and saw a small figure lying on the street.

A small Angel was lying there, bleeding, unconscious. She had brown straight hair and her pale face was full of tears. Amelié picked the tiny body from the ground. Jean felt her contact and winced slightly. Her eyes opened ,and she stared at Amelié in fear.

"I won't hurt you," the elf said kindly. Jean started to cry.
"My brother is...He is...he is..."
Amelié caught the word Jean couldn't say.

"I understand. Don't be afraid, dear," she said. Jean remained crying. "He wanted to help me, and a demon killed him..."the Angel winced before passing out. Amelié brought her to a small house and laid her there sweetly. Jean's eyes opened again. "I want to go with him..." she whispered. There was a hidden meaning in her words. She wanted to be dead. Amelié understood.
"When someone dies to protect you, they stay by your side, in spirit," she told the Angel. Jean nodded. She wasn't sure if she believed it, but her words felt like a comfort.
Hours later, unable to sleep, after Amelié left her, Jean told her brother's spirit, or so she supposed:
"I promise that I am going to find the guy who did this to you, Will. I'll avenge you..."

And she fell asleep, not noticing that something inside her had changed.

Five years later...

Jean's expression was serious and cold. That night five years ago had stolen from her the sweet innocence a ten year old should have. Her brown hair was tied high on a ponytail and her emmerald eyes had a ferocity some people would like to avoid.

War had finished. Jean had been listed as a survivor who would be given psychological therapy to get over the hard times, but she refused. She wanted to keep her inner fury to herself, to release it when the time came. "Now's the time,"she muttered. Amelié, who had took care of her years heard her.
"Jean, revenge is a devilish thing," she said.
"I don't care, I'm not going to let him die for nothing," Jean said. Amelié sighed. "That is up to you, dear star,"she said sweetly. " But remember to take care of those who care for you,"Jean smiled. "I won't forget that ever, Amelié,"she said before fying off into the night. Her key necklace bounced on her chest.
"Wish me luck, brother," she told the sky. A slight breeze hit her face. "Thanks," she said before landing on a small street, her mind filled with her strongest feelings of anger, sorrow...and revenge.


People who read my first RP-ing know what happened next. It explains lots, doesn't it?

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