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In a rural village
Resting peaceful on the sea
There lives a girl Kirie
Who reveals this mystery.

With a wheel her father spins
Symmetry into clay
From the bottom of the pond
Where a sleeping terror lay.

A man appears one morning
An obsession in his eyes.
The spiral shapes that thrill him
Soon lead to his demise.

Smoke rises from the body
And spins into eerie clouds
While wife with horror growing
Then collapses with a shout.

Spirals are found everywhere
In fingers, hair, and ears.
Unbearable, this knowledge,
Her life ends with sharpened shears.

A normal boy in high school
Who is slow-witted and dull
Soon becomes a human snail
With eyes that rise out of his skull.

Eyeballs spin round in sockets
And hair saps the human life,
Pregnant mothers commit murder
With a similar device.

Whirlwinds and tornadoes,
People rising from the grave,
A lighthouse that kills children
And their rescuers, the brave.

But two there are who see the
Curse of spirals as it stands.
Kirie and her boyfriend
Want to free the poor coastland.

Hurricanes and violent storms
Command the lives of all,
Confining them to cursed homes
Inside decaying walls.

Though help has tried to reach them
Ships have sunk and cars have crashed.
Kirie ventures outward
From her hometown all but trashed.

For days she wanders through the woods
But the curse won’t let her free.
No matter what direction,
She always ends up by the sea.

Though only days have passed for her,
For the village it’s been years.
Her town is now a spiral
And reinforces all her fears.

Twisted broken human forms
Melt together in the dark.
And where the pond sat peaceful
Was a staircase. She embarked.

Holding tight her lover’s hand,
He fell, she followed suit.
And in the cavern in which they fell
A spiral city had taken root.

When they shared a gaze and knew that they could not escape,
The shared a hug and bodies twisted into the cursed shape.

Date Published
03/19/09 (Originally Created: 03/13/09)
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