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This is for Sangome's January challengeat the Watercooler. Enjoy.


Just wanted to say thanks, again. I don't know how many times I've said it already. It's only been a few years since I truly saw you last, but I woke up at 2AM thinking about you last night, pulling out your photograph. It doesn't look anything like you now, I'm sure.

Your hair is probably longer, your stance taller. When I saw you last, your brother had already ran off with your coat that you held so tightly to, sleeping with like some kind of security blanket the few times you went back home. I hope your brother washes it once in a while. I know he took it with him when you left for the final time, together, whole.

I can't be your doctor anymore, so I hope you've learned how to mind your arm, your leg. Don't push yourself, even though I know you will. Don't break any limbs. I can't come over and fix them anymore.

You're like me now, no mother or father any more. Only one relative left. How is he doing, now, anyway? Your brother? I wonder if he remembers what the two of you went through.

Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I've always wished he never would. The fighting, the wars, the blood.

But, for the moment I saw you, I knew that the; and of Germany from whence you came was no different that from where you had been raised. He would still see pain and suffering.

Loss is inevitable, I know that all too well.

But, only in the darkness can we appreciate the light- and don't you in heck ever forget that. You have to look after him. He must watch over you. Share laughs together.

I sound like a bad radio play. Or one of those films they've begun to make. Saw one last week when I visited the General and his wife down in the capital. They have a daughter now. I wonder if there are movies where you are, too? Fantasies to escape into. Your story would probably make for a fantastic piece of cinema over there.

I just hope you are safe.

-The one who shines a lamp from your window

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02/02/09 (Originally Created: 01/25/09)
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