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This is for the Killed It challenge. There are a couple of anime's that I absolutely hate; one of them being Soul Eater. Frankly speaking, I don't think I have seen a series that disgraces anime quite like Soul Eater does. I don't know much about it, I have only read the first two or three manga's but I just don't like it.

Lets start with one of the most simple reasons for hating it so far. The art style. It just screams sloppy, it looks like a wanna-be art student's take on Naruto. Whats more is the color techniques used. Is it just me or do their clothes look wrinkled? Not to mention the girls... talk about lacking originality? That Grim Reaper guy looks so poorly drawn, I can't stand it. It is not too hard to draw a skeleton. The more cartoon-y slop the style the less I can appreciate it.

I'd like to talk about the characters now. They are the definition of flat. Have you ever tried out one of those random character generators before? I get the feeling that the author of Soul Eater used one of those. "Okay, lets make a character who thinks he is all that, and a girl who is timid and another girl who is determined and a guy who is a scientist and a boy who likes symmetric things. Oh yeah, and a cat girl who likes to get naked, seduce guys for no reason and really only serves as eye candy and to make women look like objects." Seriously, what is the point of that cat witch girl? The characters are so unrealistic (personality wise) that I can't take it seriously.

Now considering the content... So Death the Kid likes symmetry and doesn't understand why his two "weapons" have different boob sizes and just decides to grab their breasts like its nothing.. And guess what they did... nothing. Before you pick the speck out of other people's eye, you should remove the plank in your own, so in other words: YOU HAVE THREE RANDOM WHITE STRIPES ON ONE SIDE OF YOUR HEAD and yet you feel it necessary to grope two girls because their cup sizes aren't the same? If this is the kind of stuff that is going into stories today then no wonder our world is decaying morally.

Plot-wise... Kids go to school to learn how to kill people for the grim reaper. Some kids can magically turn into weapons and used to slaughter bad people. Now, what did I just say about moral decay? Sure, it sounds kinda neat in a nut-shell but the point isn't to rid the world of bad people, it's to become the strongest weapon. I can never be fond of a story that has it's characters kill for power rather than justice (and still be protagonists). I can't count the lessons to be learned from this story because there are none. This does not include "never give up!" or "I'm your friend to the very end!"

Now my favorite part, the audience this series attracts! Weaboos. Not just any kind of weaboo, but the 13 year old emo ones that wear Naturo headbands. A friend of mine is a huge fan of Soul Eater and is by-far, the worst of all. She is very nice but she will write her own (un)original stories that rip off of Soul Eater. She even calls her characters meisters! yuck.

Lets talk about me for awhile:
I love a deep story thats more than just "Oh no, by killing a good person, you get more experience, what are we gonna do?" I'm talking about defined character pasts that influence the flow of the story. Clare from Claymore is a good example of this. A sequence of events lead up to this character's existence, her definition is revealed throughout the tale. In Soul Eater, are any of the characters actually reluctant to kill? It breaks my heart to kill a bug or see a little girl cry! I want to shed tears when I see a stray cat or dog all by its little lonesome, I am a big fat cry-baby.

It just seems like I've seen it before. Not literally but figuratively. From character traits to story sequence. I guess it's like Naruto meets Halloween, except with those random plot generators. I'm sorry if I offended Soul Eater fans, but this is #1 on my Worst Anime Ever list.

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