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Okay. So The Anime, that I have always hated, was Poke'mon. I know, I'm so crazy 'cause everyone else loves it, but I don't.
Even as a kid, I hated it. My dad would be flipping through channels and she'd put on Poke'mon 'cause she thought I might like it 'cause it looked cutesy.
Well, first thing that I noticed when watching it recently.
I HATE the Artwork. I can't stand watching/reading an Anime/Manga that I don't like the art of.
To be honest, that's how I drew when I was NINE, when I first started drawing Anime. Exactly how I drew. -_________-;
As for the plot, What the fuck? So, there's these kids running around training their pets to kill one another magically. Yeah, that's a real lovely example for children to learn from. Yes, I'll give them credit, The animals are cute. But seriously.
Oh, and not to mention the MANY series following after the original. Really, you should've ended it with the first one. I'm sorry, but shouldn't Ash be in school? I mean, how old is he? Wasn't he like, 12, when it all started?
And oh lawd, the characters. Dx
Let's start with Ash.
So he's this kid who's like, training to be the BEST Poke'mon trainer, and his mom is totally okay with him NOT getting an education. And he's ALWAYS happy. Except when he loses. BUT WAIT- He's a Winner 'cause he takes Loss well. :D Oh, and when his Poke'mon are injured. BUT WAIT, They're practically effing immortal.
Oh, he also is NOT interested in Women at all. Misty and May could walk around in nothing but lingerie and heels, and he'd be only interested in Pikachu. P: Sorry, but nooooo...
Now for Brock- Pervert-ish. That's pretty much his only personality trait other than he seems to be older than the others.
May- She's just a ditz...'Nuff said.
Misty- Was a Hot-Headed Ditz. -_-
That's all I can think of for the characters. P:
But yeah, I really hate this Anime. I really do. Sad part is, everyone loves it because it's "Cute."
It's too cute, people. D:<
Don't get me wrong-- I love the Ginjinka(SP?!) characters that people make of them, I just dooooo nooooot like Poke'monnnn.

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