The Last Time Akeni Chan

Killing off the clan, father and mother
The Uchiha name he left to no other
Wanting nothing but the best for his only brother,
His beloved only brother

You see, he protected you from evil near
Scaring your enemies with unparalleled fear
But your heart was still very unclear
As to why he existed here

You were focused much on the clan you'd recreate
Full of such fervent, venomous hate
Told by him to make your power great
For he knew defeating him was your fate

Deceiving you until the end
As a way to make amends
For all the hurt, the pain he sends
For the life he knows will never mend

Leaving the world like sound leaves a mime
Only known for his misunderstood crime
And surely his words ring in your head like a chime
"Im sorry, Sasuke... There won't be a next time."

With that, he made sure to leave you at your prime
Up the mountain of trials you no longer have to climb
He departed with a smile so purely sublime
Sweetheart, Understand that it's the beginning of firsts, now for the last time.

-- Akeni

Akeni Chan
Date Published
11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 11/02/10)
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Emotional Writing
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