The Mad House pedegg

Sorry, this is a bit long but it'll be worth it

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I stumbled out of bed. Ugh, work again. I got into my shower and let the hot water rush over me. I got on my uniform and clipped on my badge. Mike Swanson. That's me. Mike Swanson, the guard at the Olive Tree Penitentiary and Asylum. I live by myself. I have a girlfriend named Jen. She's my only reason to live right now.

I hate my job because it's scarier than hell itself. My parents don't want me to visit them due to my Behavior. And I live in a crappy old apartment. I put a baton on my belt and put my pistol in my holster. With a bagel and a cup of coffee, I left my apartment and hopped into my 89' Chevy 4x4. It was chilly outside. It's October 14. I finished my breakfast and parked in the parking lot. I took a jacket and traveled to the back door. I used my card to get in. The Penitentiary wasn't much warmer. I could still see my breath.

"Mike! Good morning!" said a voice.

I turned to see Bill Walker, my friend here at the Asylum. His hair is curly and black. He wears aviators and screws around at work all the time. But he's so friendly you can't help but love him.

"Good morning Bill. How are you?" I said as we walked into the control room.

"I'm good but it's getting pretty chilly lately. And I hate the cold!" He chuckled.

The control room was very warm. It enveloped me in a warm embrace.

“Anything unusual?” I asked.

“Nothing to report.” Bill replied.

So we sat there at the monitors and glanced from one to another. An inmate in cell #614 was yelling and beating on the doors.

I reached for my walkie-talkie and spoke into the receiver.

“Jon?” I asked.


“Could you go check out cell #614?”


I watched on the cameras as Jon went to the cell. The man behind bars just cussed at him.

“Uh, Mike?” crackled my walkie-talkie.


“I need some back up.”

“Back up on the way.” I replied.

I nodded to Bill, who went into the armory and came out with two sub- machine guns slung over his shoulder and two Riot shields in his hands. He then left the control room to aid Jon. Bill arrived and gave him a sub-machine gun and Riot shield while Bill prepared himself.

“Put your hands through the slot!” said Jon.

“NO!” yelled prisoner #614.

Bill opened the door and pointed his gun at him. “Turn around.”

The man charged but Bill knocked him back with his shield.

Jon put down his protection as Bill let prisoner #614 run for it. Jon tackled him and cuffed him. The prisoner swore as he was taken to solitary confinement. Bill came back with the equipment and put it in the armory.

“Nice job.” I complimented.

“Thanks” Bill replied.

I went and took a sip of water from the drinking fountain. It tasted nastier than usual but discarded the fact and sat back down. We sat and guarded but nothing happened. Lunch rolled around and I went to McDonald’s and got a Big Mac. After finishing my lunch, I went back to the Penitentiary and sat back in the desk. Bill was gone. I looked at all the monitors. I went to check the janitors closet and bathrooms since no cameras are there. Suddenly, the alarm went off and something came over me. Voices echoed through my head and I started to scream. They whispered, hundreds of voices at once. I punched the wall.

“Get out of my head!” I cried.

But they hammered into my skull. Then I realized why the alarm went off. All of the cells were opened. I heard more whispers in my head but I heard yelling and screaming. The inmates. I wanted to kill them. Why? Why were the voices coming now? I ran towards the noise. No. I would die. Every criminal in the county and every psychopath were coming in my direction. I could take them. But secretly I knew I couldn’t. I pulled myself towards the janitor’s closet and walked in. I locked it and hid behind bags of clothing and cleaning materials. I wanted to fight them but I couldn’t. The voices echoed and I couldn’t get them out. The voices outside were screaming in pain,in agony,and suffering as they slaughtered each other. Why? I would run for it and escape the prison, not go take out my anger on the inmates. My heart thudded in my chest as the screaming intensified with the whispering. I watched as the shadows passed the door.

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11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 09/17/10)
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