Dear Squishy Hulaberry32

OK! So, I didn't really like the other letter I wrote, it sounded too weird and insincere. x_x Here is the rewritten version, to BrotherlyLoveHK, AKA Squishy. Hope ya like it!

Dear Squishy,

There are a thousand things that I want to say right now, but I know that you already understand what I want to convey to you. It's not because I've already told you, or because it's obvious. It's because we are best friends. You understand me and I understand you! And for that, I wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for always being there for me when I'm sad, or insulting me when I need a laugh. Thanks for being the support that I needed to go on, and for trusting me when I tell you things. I'm grateful that you always keep my secrets and never tell, that you don't get mad at me when I joke around with you. For being encouraging and trustworthy, honest and playful. For all of that, I thank you!

But I didn't write this letter to tell you everything I was thankful for! I wrote this letter because you are my best friend, and I truly do love you like a sister. Remember at the beginning of the year when we barely talked at all? The science show? The bald baby on The Altos? All the jokes and insults we posted on quizilla? I remember them all, because those are the best times I had throughout the year.

And as we grow up and move on, I know that nothing between us will change! Because while everyone else grows apart in separate fields, we are intertwining branches that share the same interests, likes, and dislikes. Even things that we don't have in common, we like them as a pair. I'm a PC, you're a Mac. I like pink, you like black. It's amazing that after eight years I didn't realize that the person who was destined to be my future BFF was always sitting right there next to me. You know, sometimes it takes a while for people to discover great things. And I'm glad I finally did!

We are really two birds of a feather! Two peas in a pod! You're the peanut butter to my jelly! The bacon to my eggs! The bookmark to my book! The fork to my spoon! The ani- to my -me!

The best to my friend.

And I know it's going to stay that way.


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