Rotten to the Core CipherPol

Once upon a time there was a young boy, in the middle of his teenage years. He had and uncle, who happened to be getting up there in years, and a step-dad, soon-to-be-father of his younger sister.

The air was warm and the sun was bright when his step-dad made a suggestion.

"How about we go strawberry picking, Mike?" he asked the boy.

"Sounds fine to me!" He answered happily. Mike loved strawberries.

"Okay, I'll call your uncle Carl and invite him to come to, Kay?"

Mike nodded; Carl was his absolute favorite Uncle.

So twenty minutes later the trio packed into the car and left for the farm where they allowed strawberry picking. You paid by the pound. The ride was short and spent listening to music on the radio and chatting idly.

When they arrived, Mike, his step-dad, and his uncle Carl set to work picking the biggest, juiciest, reddest berries they could find. As Mike reached in for a nice, tasty looking strawberry, he accidentally smashed his other hand right into a rotten one.

He pulled his hand away from the much and wiped it onto his pants. Suddenly, a devious and wonderful plan came to his mind. He looked down to his right and saw his step-dad dutifully picking his share of the berries, eating some along the way. To his left, Carl was eating a little more then picking, but he was having a good time nonetheless.

So without being noticed, Mike hunted for the foulest berries he could find, pretending the entire time to be searching for the good ones. As he came across the rotten ones, he's lay them in a row along the small dirt aisle That his step-dad was slowly working down. It was a while before he realized he was sitting in a big line, one after another, of browning, moldy strawberries. He was a good and funny way. They both had a laugh.

Then Mike saw it. The most rotten of them all. The king of all rancid fruit. It was a huge, half-fist sized berry, leaking its red-pink juice into the ground, brown around the edges and moldering near the top. Carefully, Mike plucked the bad boy from the plat and took aim.

BAM! The unsuspecting Carl was hit right in the ear, splattered with berry juices and guts. Oh his face turned all colors of the rainbow! The old man shot after Mike, who tried in vain to escape the wrath of his uncle, like a high school track star. Mike had never imagined he could possibly be this fast!

In no time Carl had caught up to Mike. He grabbed him by the shirt, playfully pushed him to the ground, and mashed berry upon rotten berry into his face. As much as Mike squirmed, he could not escape Carl's grip. Finally the torrent of rotten fruit ended and all that was left was the red stain on mike's cheek. He looked at Carl and immediately the two broke into laughter.

Carl helped Mike up and said, "Never underestimate your uncle!" Mike's step father was laughing so hard. The other to chimed in too. After all, Carl already had his revenge, why not laugh about it too!

Written By HalfwayVamped
A true story about my brother, my dad, and my uncle Carl

Date Published
11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 07/16/10)
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