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I had to be crazy. I was a fairy and he was a vampire. Light and Dark, good and bad; We're complete opposites so how did it end up like this? Marrow pinned me against the wall as he kissed and nipped along my jaw line, down my neck and along my collar bone.
A shiver traveled down my spine as his finger tips lightly grazed my left cheek before he tugged on the dark green ribbon holding up my hair. My hair ran down my back to my knees like a silver waterfall.

"I love you..." Victor breathed in my ear. What was i going to say? What should i say?

"I...Love you to." I told him my forehead resting on his shoulder, my hands on his bare chest. There was a knock on the door and a familiar voice came from the other side.

"Yo Alena Its Max, Can i come in?" He asked. Victors eyes turned from their chocolate brown to a blood red.

"Would you care for me to get rid of him?" Victor hissed in my ear one arm now wrapped firmly around my waist and the other planted on the wall near my head.

"No, Just hide I'll take care of it." I whispered to = him breathlessly and he kissed me me on the lips once more before pulling away slowly and vanishing threw an open window. I fixed my hair and gown as much as possible to make it look as if i had been sleeping.
"What do you want Max?" I practically growled at the much taller fairy standing right out side of my door.

"You missed dinner." He told me crossing his arms and his nose wrinkled. "Your room wreaks like dead corpse. What on earth are you doing in there girl?" He asked running a hand threw his short black curls.

"None of your business." I told him trying to close my door only for it to stop with a THUD! as it hit against one of Max's heavy brown hunting boots.

"Then you wont mind if i come in and chat a bit?" Max asked with a smug look.

"Not at all." I said between clenched teeth. I was quickly loosing my patience with the fellow fairy.

"Vampire." Max said and my eyes grew wide for a second before i regained my composure.

"What are you babbling about this time you bloody fool?" I asked playing dumb as i stood in the balcony doorway.

"You've been keeping company with a vampire Alena haven't you?" He asked and i said nothing as i stared at the floor in front of me. There was the echo of footsteps in my room before my chin was tilted up so i had no choice but to look Max in the eyes. I had no choice i couldn't lie to him or anyone else when Victors scent was all over my room.

"Yes." I said quietly. My face flushed and i blinked back tears that threatened to spill over onto my face. Before i could react Max's mouth was on mine. I tried to push him away but the older fairy was to strong. He hugged me to him, his body pressing against mine. I whimpered as his mouth left mine and trailed its way down my neck planting greedy kisses along the way and i cried out in pain as his teeth sunk into the space between my neck and shoulder.

"Shut up unless you want your nasty little secret to spread threw the village like wild fire!" Max growled roughly and i automatically shut my mouth.

'Oh God! Victor! Some One! Help!' I creamed in my mind as i closed my eyes tears running down my face. Suddenly Max was ripped off of me and thrown against the wall and sat on the ground covered in dust.

"Are you alright Love?" Victor asked looking down at me placing his hands on my shoulders. I nodded mutely still crying and Victor gently hugged me to him. He turned to Max who's face was twisted in a snarl. "If you ever touch Alena again i will shred you into pieces and deliver you to the gates of hell myself." Victor threatened with a growl his voice as sharp as knives when he talked.

"VAMPIRE! THERE'S A VAMPIRE IN THE PRINCESS' CHAMBER!" Max yelled as loud as he could and i stared at him in horror but he was soon silenced by Victor leaving a long streak of crimson blood trailing from the ceiling to the floor where it now pooled.
I ran to Victors side my arms wrapped around him and one of his arms around my waist as more fairy's piled into my room. I was quickly ripped from Victors arms enraging him and silver arrows went flying. I heard Victor moan and gasp in pain as every arrow hit its mark and the familiar smell of burning flesh as the silver seared the flesh in and around the wound.

"Stop it! Please Stop!" I finally screamed crying so hard now that i had to gasp for air. The arrows stopped and i was released and the other Fairies made way for me as i hurried to my beloved Victors side.

"Alena...I must be in heaven if I'm seeing your angelic face." Victor told me as he lay on the floor in a pool of silver blood and arrows sticking out from his body.

"Don't say such stupid things." I told him quietly as i took his hand in mine and held it to my cheek.

"Don't be sad Love." Victor told me, blood trailing from the corner of his mouth as he moved his head to the side to look at me more.

"This is all my fault, if i hadn't been so stupid....If i would have just stayed away from you..." I whispered the bottom of my gown soaked in blood but i didn't care.

"Now your the one saying stupid things Alena." He told me with his cat like grin. Even now it made my heart skip a beat. "I wouldn't change anything. I found my heart with you, you made me feel things i thought were long dead and forgotten." Victor said weakly and his eyes had a almost vacant look to them.

"Victor don't die! Please! If you have to drink my blood do it Victor!" I told him practically shouting as i placed the palm of his hand to my lips.

"I love you Alena so much, please don't forget me my heart." Victor said in barely a whisper before his eyes became vacant and his hand went limp.

"No! Victor please! Don't Leave me i need you! I love you please don't go!" I said and within seconds he turned to ash in my hands. I felt numb as i was yanked to my feet everything seeming to go by slowly and i was dragged away from what was left of my Victor as the wind came threw an open window blowing the ashes around like a gray snow. We were almost at the door and i grabbed a knife from the boot of one of the guards who were leading from the room slashing his throat before plunging the cold sharp metal into my stomach and i fell to the floor.
My head felt so light as i laid there my own blood pooling around me. Was this the same way Victor had felt before he left me? The room seemed to tilt on its side and all the shouting around me became muffled then muted. The world went dark around the edges and stars danced before my eyes accompanied by a brilliant flash of light. I don't know if i was in heaven or not but i must have been because i was with Victor.
I had thought I would never see him again but he was there and he was with me again and we were both dressed in white. Smiled as happy tears ran down my face and Victor kissed me like her always had and he whispered words of assurance in my ear as i held onto him almost certain that if i left him go he would disappear again.


Note: The beginning is more nosebleed than the end but i think it came out well for a short story considering i suck at short stories lol anyway hope you like it!

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