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INTO THE NIGHT: The Angel’s Warning
Trybin sat quietly in the cemetery looking at one of the tombstones that he seemed transfixed on for some time. It was a marble tombstone of an angel with her wings slightly fallen and her face buried in both arms. She looked as if she was weeping, which in truth was the reason Trybin was so transfixed on the marble stone figure. He liked this angel tombstone and would just sit and stare at it for long periods of time. He’d been doing this for going on four years now and it seemed natural to be sitting in the quiet patch by the oak tree next to the weeping angel. After the death of his parents he found comfort in this and didn’t see it as something weird or insane, but a way to heal his broken, disfigured heart. After a time he finally turns his head away to see his twin sister, Russie, standing over him with sympathy in her sad eyes and a smile of effort on her face. She too felt the sting of heartbreak and was comforted by the notion that she had someone by her that was going through the same pain; someone could help her through her sorrow. But, for some reason Trybin was more drawn to the cemetery claiming the peace and quiet was enough to clear his thoughts and “air out his mind”. He also said that he could feel the spirit of the dead surround him easing his sadness and cleansing his soul. She understood this, for they were drawn to the spirits of the dead and so had their parents. They were off springs of Wiccan parents after all and saw the beauty of the cemetery where everyone else saw it as fearful and a bad omen. Trybin, after a minute, gathers himself and stands to face his sister.

Trybin in a coarse tone:
Hey Rus, What are you doing here? I told you I’d be back around 5:30 pm. You didn’t have to wait up for me.

Well I didn’t wait up for you. I’ve been here the whole time watching you and making sure that you’re okay.

I’m fine I’m just watching the angel. She seems sadder today than usual.

Russie cocking her head to one side:
She does, doesn’t she? Come on, Tryb, we’re going now Aunt Maj is coming home early and she wants us there so we can all go out to eat.

I’m coming man, just let me at least say good-bye.

Russie putting a hand around her brother:
Tryb you keep saying good-bye they’ve heard you; they know how you feel.

They both turn around and walk off towards the path that leads out of the large cemetery. As they leave the stone angel looks up with piercing white eyes and a smile that is purely wicked. Soon a lady dressed in red and black garments emerges from the stone and smiles sinisterly running her tongue over her sharp fangs. All this time, she’d been watching the young boy and girl and was pleased to tell her master that they were now ready for the induction to the end. She wraps the scarf around half her face covering her nose and mouth then disappears just as easily as she’d appeared. At home Russie and Trybin are sitting in the living room dressed and waiting for their Aunt to walk through the door. Trybin sits there in his leather shirt with the two zippers on the shoulder zipping and unzipping the left side. He’d combed his half shaved head on one side over his right eye going for a tamer look. Russie wore a simple crushed velvet purple dress that reached her knees. She had a spike choker on with a couple of bands around both wrists. Her bright red hair was pulled into a neat bun with her extraordinary long bangs covering her bright pale gray eyes. She and Trybin indeed looked alike but Trybin wore contacts. They both had the same oval shaped face with small slightly rounded noses and large eyes. They both had smooth caramel complexions, long, thin fingers, and model figures. Trybin stands to look in the wall mirror that hung over one of the tables in the living room and checked on his eye make-up. Russie stands and looks in the mirror as well.

Hey man you’re perfect.

Yeah well I like to make sure that I am.

Tryb, you’re gay. Of course you’re naturally perfect. You do your make-up better than me.

Well if you took your time you wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Russie rolling her eyes:
Anyway I wonder when Aunt Maj will come, it’s almost been an hour and she’s late.

She probably made a stop. She’s always doing that.

Still she’s never late. Oh by the way Michael called you twice today. (In a sing-song voice) It seems he’s really into you.

Trybin trying to sound mature:
Don’t be an ass Rus. What did he say?

H wanted to know where you were and if you were free on Friday. I told him yeah you were.

I don’t remember giving you permission to dictate my life.

Russie smiling widely:
Oh come on Tryb you like him admit it. It’s okay. It’s been a while since you’ve been with anyone I was starting to think you’d never hook up with anyone else ever!

Okay so when’s the last time you hooked up with anyone?

Russie rubbing something off her dress:
We’re not talking about me. We’re talking about you.

Trybin leaving the living room to go get his phone:
Whatever. I’ll be back.

Trybin exits the living and walks down the hall to his bedroom in search of his cell. Secretly he was giddy with the thought of Michael calling him and wanted to call him back right away. True, it had been quite some time since he’d been with anyone, and Michael seemed genuinely into Trybin and showed him every chance he got. Smiling to himself, Trybin picks up his phone off the bed then sits down and dials Michael’s number and waits for him to pick up. Russie pops her head in to say that their Aunt was here and for her brother to hurry.

Trybin holding his hand over the speaker:
I’m coming don’t rush me!

Get your gay ass off the phone right now! We’ve got to go you can call him when we get back.

Trybin before kicking the door closed in Russie’s face:
No I can call him right now!

Trybin kicks the door with such force that it hits Russie’s nose. She cries out and curses her brother, and while rubbing her sore nose, walks back down the hall to the living room where their Aunt was impatiently waiting.

Aunt Maj:
I swear you two when I say one time that does not mean minutes after the time I’ve set! We need to go. I have reservations set for us!

I’m sorry Aunt Maj, but Trybin’s talking on the phone with his boyfriend. Besdes you were late getting here. We were ready.

That's not the point, and why can’t he bring that stupid phone with him? He can talk to him in the car. Go get your brother and tell him to come on!

Aunt Maj was small, but she was scary when she was angry. No, she was just scary period! Russie, without another word, walks down the hall back to her brother’s room to tell him to come on.

I’m almost done give me a second.

I can’t aunt Maj says come on now! She also says to bring that stupid phone with you she has reservations for us.

Trybin hanging up the phone:
Fine. I’m done anyway.

Trybin opens the door and his 6’0 frame stands there statuesque smiling at Russie who isn’t to happy with her brother at the moment.

You know how she can be. She scares me!

Trybin walking back to the living room:
Yeah she is scary, but the trick is to not show her fear!

Trybin laughs his way down the hall and then out the door of their condo in Manhattan. Their Aunt was a psychology professor at a private college that paid rather well. She’d taken in her niece and nephew after her sister and her husband died and was pleased to do it. She loved the kids dearly and wanted the best for them. They were good kids despite the way they looked and dressed, but she allowed them to keep their individuality. She wasn’t a Wiccan, but was okay that they were. The three of them enter the parking lot then head for the car. As they near the car Russie and Trybin see a swarm of stone angels swooping down landing on top of the car. Aunt Maj, stunned falls back and lands on the gravel hard. Russie just stands there with Trybin looking straight ahead at the angels who were now smiling at them with glowing white eyes.

Wh-wh-what the hell--?

I don’t think we should move they might think us a threat.

No it’s the stone angel from the cemetery Rus. It’s the one that I always sit by staring at! What is she doing here?! What is going on?

Tryb I know just as much as you do. Now cool it just don’t move and let’s see what happens.

The stone statues, who are now sitting on top of the crushed car, fold their wings in then the one that Trybin is familiar with stands up and walks towards him as he stands there shaking in fear. The stone statue using one hand holds up Trybin’s chin and smiles warmly despite the menacing stare the glowing eyes gave. She speaks to him in a grave voice and earnestly warns him of danger.

You and your sister should find a place to hide. They will find you and they will change you!

What are you talking about? What’s going on? Who will find us?

Its okay I’m here with my tribe to protect you and your sister. If they find you they will change you and your sister will fall.

What do you mean by any of this?!

The angel walks back to her tribe of angels and with one word she and the rest of the angels spread their wings and fly off into the sky again just as quickly as they’d come.

Russie cleaning out her ears to make sure she hadn't heard wrong:
Did she just say “Michael”?

Trybin lying through his teeth:
No. She said “hiding”. As in she wants us both to go into hiding.

From what?

Trybin grabbing his sister by the arm:
I don’t know but we need to run. We’re going to the cemetery there’s a passageway there that leads to one of the mausoleums. I’ve gone there before when those kids used to pick on me in fifth grade. That’s how I discovered the solitude of the cemetery and the passageway as well.

Russie trying to rub his face in sympathy:
Oh Tryb, I’m sorry.

Trybin pushing his sister's hand away:
There’s no time for all of that especially since it was so long ago.

Okay, but what about Aunt Maj?

We have to leave her. She’s fine Rus, she’ll probably be worried, but she’ll be okay. The angel warned us and I for one am heeding that warning. I don’t know what’s going on or how a stone statue came to life to even warn us, but I’m not ignoring it either.

Good point. Let’s go. are you sure she didn’t say Michael’s name?...

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