A violet for Sumire sumirechan

My username here is 'sumirechan' because of somebody I really love.

When I was young, my best friend was a really funny guy whom I called L-san. We used to draw manga together, and when I was scared, he was always there for me. As the years started to pass, and both of us grew up, I fell for him.

I never told him. From previous experiences, I knew that getting attached was a bad thing: My best friend had cut ties with me because she thought I was an idiot, and I'd lost too many pets. I never showed my feelings to him, but somehow, I had the impression that he knew it....

Then one afternoon, when we were walking together around the park, he suddenly sighed as though he was hurt.

"What's wrong, L-san?"I asked him concerned.

He gave me a long, sad look with his sincere and gentle eyes. "Ani, I've got to tell you something,"he said.

I nodded. "What is it?"

His gaze lowered to the ground as he spoke. "Ani, I'm leaving."

The words took a long time to sink in. They did slowly, one by one, and they had the effect of a thousand blades cutting into my heart. "What...?"I asked, as though I couldn't put the words together into a phrase.

"I'm leaving. My father got a new job, and it's too far from here. I'm leaving,"he said gently, putting his hands on my shoulders. I started to shake.

"But...n-no!"I yelled, sobbing. Tears started to fall from my eyes, after years of hiding them. "Why?! Why are you leaving?!"

He tried to calm me down, but it wasn't working.

"It will be fine...you know, I'll still see you...."he started but I interrupted him.

"No! It's not fair!"I started to fall to the ground. "It's not fair....I need you..."I whispered. He knelt beside me, and I whispered into his ear.

"I love you...."

He sighed and pulled me close to him. "I love you, too..."he mused in my ear. I blushed slightly, and hugged him. "Why didn't you tell me?"I asked, fighting back the impulse to smack him.

He pulled my face, until my eyes met his. "Because I knew you knew it,"he said. I shook my head. "You're impossible,"I said with a smirk.He smirked back, and kissed my hair. "Hm...your hair smells like violets,"he commented. I blushed, and both of us laughed there, like crazy.

Afew days later, I went to say goodbye to him.

He was staring at me from the inside of his parents' car, and then, all of a sudden, he got out.

"What are you doing?"I asked. He smiled, and pulled out a small violet from behind his back.

"For you,"he said. I took it in my hands and started crying. "Thank you so much..."I whispered. He laughed and kissed my cheek. "I'll see you later, dear,"he said in my ear before getting on his car. It sped up, and then he was gone...

Years later, I searched some names in Wikipedia for a manga character. I found a name with possibilities, 'Sumire'. The entry said it was the japanese name for a violet....reading that, I smiled, remembering.

Sumire means violet, and the last flower I got from my first love was a violet. I thought of that when I signed up here.

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