Origin of my user name ^-^ VWBSZWAS

Ok so like it says in the intro VWBSZWAS stands for Vampirewerewolfbrainsuckingzombie with a straw. This particular peice of randomness came about in 2006, when i was in yr 8. Me, my little sister and one of my friends were at our parent's friends house, for the first time. We were staying for dinner so by the time we got there it was dark. Now the parents decided it would be funny to scare us so they said there was a grave, right at the back of the back yard and dared us to go check it out. Well my friend and sister chickened out, so went by myself and of course there was nothing there. But i wanted to pay my sister and friend back for making me go by myself so i ran back to the house screaming the first thing that came into my head, which just happened to be "OMG!!! There's a Vampirewerewolfbrainsuckingzombie with a straw chasing me! HELP!!". This then led to the Tickles theory and the Evil Purple chicken's frome mars (My yahoo answers and deviantart usernames are both EvilPurpleChicken). Not to mantion the government conspiracy. And other creatures such as the giant bloodsucking toejam monsters, the microscopic fluffy pink spiders which live in the fluffy pink forest of doom. And one of my personal faves; the pink and purple bunyip models, who when they get tired of living in swamp, shave all their hair off (except that ontop of their head, which they dye) and become super models ^-^
There's also a number of other creatures, but i don't have time to type them up now. Bye, bye *hugs*

p.s. we aslo have a theme song for the VWBSZWS's it goes like this:
it's a brain Vampirewerewolfbrainsuckingzombie with a straw
with a straw
with a straw
with a straw
with a straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!
OH NO!IT'S GOT! A STRAW!!!!!!!!!!

XD kinda lame but that hasn't stoped me and my friends singing it at the top of our lungs i n public ^-^

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