Katana Promoting Obscurity

This is not just a word Challenge, this is an "every medium" Challenge. Please continue reading.

Obscurity? What in the world do you mean by that? An obscure TV show or something? Some aspect of culture that has become lost to time? Actually, no.

You're familiar with the Watercooler, correct? It's the dumping ground of all things random, but more than that, it's become the launching point for various Chat events. From nostalgic Saturday morning fare to the single-focus show, there's been plenty of chances to hang out with others, watch some media, and have a good time.

But hey, a little promotion never hurt anyone.

Choose whatever category you want - Wallpapers, Words, even a Quiz if you're feeling ambitious - and somehow make it relevant to one, multiple, or all Chat events. On-going, hiatus, or defunct, it doesn't matter, make whatever you feel best reflects and promotes them.

Because this is a "Worlds" Challenge, you will have to submit a post that links to a visual submission if that is what you choose to do.

For a refresher, here is a complete list of the Chat events that have transpired:

Movie Sign - for Mystery Science Theater 3000
Anime Club
Sheep In the Big Chat Room - for Sheep in the Big City
Pierce the Fandom With Your Chat - for Gurren Lagann
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Chat
Higashi no Eden Chat
Super Nostalgia Power Hour - for nostalgic TV fare
All of Time and Space - for Doctor Who
Durarara!! Chat

(Nudge me if I've forgotten one or two or five.)

1st Place - Anything within reason
2nd Place - Art, wallpaper, or card
3rd Place - Wallpaper or card

Yes, you may submit more than once!

Questions or comments, please fire them off. Get working!

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