aoi bara 10 things I hate about you

heya people!

what ya have to do for this challenge:

list down 10 things that u HATE about your FAVE anime/manga character.

the rulez:

-be creative
-keep it clean
-dont forget to mention the name and title of anime of the character u're talking about
-must have 10 things listed, no less, no more (but u can do repetition of your points but do it in a creative way)
-make it funny/crazy/whatever
-the things u hate can also be the things that actually make u crazy about that character (eg: i hate the way u walk cuz it triggers nosebleed =p)
-if ya dont have a world n not felling like creating one, pm me n i'll add ya as guest poster in my world so ya can post it there
-pm/comment if ya have any question k?

have fun n good luck! ^_^

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10 things I hate about Hiwatari ~CipherPol
Ten Things I Hate About Celty ~DragonRider11
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