Words from the heart

Hey everyone it's me chee here with my first challenge for you all :D.

Now I love writing poems but not just any poems, my poems come from the heart. So my challenge for you all within the time limit of ONE month I want you all to write a poem(s) that can be about anything from a day at school to a significant event that's happened in your life and no it does NOT have to rhyme either.

Here is the link to my world with my work to give you an idea of what I mean Poem examples


- It can be any length I'm not fussy about it
- MUST follow theO rules and regulations
- Just have fun! :)

OH and please if you do get a poem from the internet give the credit to the person who made it. I'd rather it was an original piece but if you want to go and copy one from the internet because you have no real creativity for poems just let me know.


1st: 1 Gift, 2 wallpapers or fan arts or cards OR 1 of either...it's your choice and the shiny medal

2nd: 1 Wallpaper or fan art or card of your choice and the shiny medal

3rd: 1 Gift and the shiny medal

NOTE: The wallpapers etc etc might take a bit for me to create/draw whatever depending if I am on school holidays or not BUT I will get them to the winners soon after the challenge has ended :)

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