Encouraging Eavesdropping

Everyone loves to eavesdrop, and everyone does it, whether it's on purpose or by accident. And sometimes, we find ourselves overhearing the weirdest conversations.

The challenge here is to go out into a public place, or anywhere, actually, and listen in to fragments of other people's conversations (that's right) until you hear one sentence/phrase that makes you wonder what they could have been talking about to have said that. Then take that line and write either the beginning and end of the conversation involving it, or a story that explains the situation the speaker was in to say it.


  • You can NOT have listened to the full conversation of the line you are using. (i.e. You can't know how the line fit in the speaker's situation in reality before you write your story. It's more fun that way.)
  • When inserting the phrase into your created convo/story, be sure to put it in bold so people (and I) know what it was originally.
  • It can be as random as you want (so yes, everybody can be abducted by space aliens at the end) but still try to keep it PG-13
  • Of course, no plagiarizing or copying other people's stories/ideas.
  • You can enter as many times as you want, but I think that'd get a bit tiring...

I guess I'll just give the winner(s) gift(s), since there's nothing else to really award... unless the first place wants... a picture or something...:/

GL and happy eavesdropping~

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