simplebeast231 Riddle time again!!!

Schools coming back and to help the teachers get your brains back in motion I'm hosting another riddle contest! With all the excitement, all the heartache, and all the sheer mind numbing pain you enjoy (note: people who actually do enjoy #3 should really see a shrink about that, seriously, that’s weird)

This time twists and turns have been add to increase the challenge of the riddles! New rules and regulations have been added! Heartbreak and tears will flow as the good writers try and wright the most difficult riddle while in turn trying to find the answers to the other to displace them!

Do you wish to play? Well then here are the rules!!!

1. Be clean (I hope I never have to regret not saying this, so I won't.)
2. Be good(Duh), Play nice (let the other children play), and don't
3. Post the answer in the comments as soon as the challenge is done.(Failure to do so will result in much headache on all our parts)
4. If a answer is guessed before the deadline you are removed from the competition for top 3 prizes (Well, unless it was really that good and someone got lucky)
5. This is a unlimited entries contest, but only one page of entries can't be sent in, further riddles must be edited in.
6. NO PLAGERISM (though there are a lot of riddles out there I should not get the since your copying from something)
7. No contest should have more than 6 rules! (if I can't put it together in 6, then it's not worth contesting)

If you need help with your riddling don’t hesitate to visit my world Hiddenriddle for inspiration.
Right then, now go off to your corners and scribble some fancy wordplay, YOU HAVE ONE MONTH!

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