zero guardian Write me something bout a vampire...

Hey loves! Yes I know, I would normally do a fanart or wallpaper challenge, not this time!

This time I want to see something different, I want to read.

So rules :D

1. I want something other than twilight, take your favorite story, or your OC's, and turn it into a dark vampire story.

2. It must be PG-13 or lower, nothing over that.

3. No smex or nothing like that.

4. I want to see something new, you can bring other creatures into it, but have it be mainly about your vampire and your hero/heroin.

5. When I read your story, I dont want to feel like it was rushed together, I want to see some effort.

6. I will accept yaoi/yuri as long as its kept below or at PG-13.

7. Try only to use your favorite vampire stories if reference if you need it, I dont want to see any copying.

Well thats all for rules, I have a vampire example that you may look at, but dont copy.


So, have fun!

1st: 1 colored request and a gift
2nd: 1 wallpaper and a gift
3rd: 1 avatar and gift

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