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Hey everyone! Hehe my 3rd contest yet first word challenge :D. Anyways from the title I think you have gotten a rough idea of what the theme of the contest is. Well for a while I have seen many writing challenges and I thought, hey why don’t we have one which has stories related to the Otaku? So ya here I am making one xD. Well simply put, in this contest you have to tell me about a story or a event or anything that happened to you on the Otaku like for example on the Otaku Chat that made you laugh very hard or had fun with.How you got fooled on the Otaku on april fools xD etc. I am sure you get my point.

So anyways here are the rules for the contest.

1. The Story must be related to the Otaku.

2. PG 13.

3. Can be related to revenge >) but in a funny way.

4. Please no blame or sad type stories etc.Keep it positive.

5. 2 Entry per person.

6. Have fun with it! ^^ Don’t force yourself to write. Just remember that time which you want to write about remember how you laughed so hard and use that feeling to write your story. Better to enjoy writing it than to get annoyed right?

7. Your story must be something that happened to you. Don’t copy someone else's story .It must be Original.

8. Can be a dialog based story if you want.

9. Try to keep it short.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me.You have 1 month, Good luck to you all^^ and remember have fun with it ! :D

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