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Okay, for those who don't know me: I'M A GUY. And I'm gay. So, I came across this video through another challenge on here and the marshmallow mascot thing was too cute for words. Basically, I want to see if any of you can come up with something cuter. It has to be of a food or a drink. The possibilities are endless. For example, make a mascot representing Monster Energy Drinks or Maruchan Ramen (or whatever the brand is called).

You have one month. Please, take your time. There will be no prizes because I don't like having challenges that must be competitions. I believe everybody has a fair chance. All entries must be dedicated to me so that I may be able to view your entry. Also, the type of media you use won't matter to me. You can use traditional or digital...or maybe a combination of both?

HERE is the video I'm talking about.

Ugh...this was meant to be a fan ART contest, not a fan words contest... Please upload your fanart, dedicate it to me like I mentioned before, and past the thumbnail (or full image) to a post and submit it for the contest so I can properly judge accordingly.

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