AnimeGal816 +&-, The Two One-shots!

Like it says, this is a two part one-shot.
1. First entry must say Pt1, second one Pt2.
3. i do allow cussing.
4. NO TWILIGHT! sorry but im ma haten on the twilight shiz.
Ok, EX!: part one you have to write something like nice, enjoyable things like love or fun things and the second part has to be the total opposite. like if you write about love you then have to write about hate, get it(you can switch it up like the first part can be like hate the second love)? IT HAS TO HAVE A PLOT! NO EXCEPTIONS! Like the title says, its a one-shot(if you don't know what that is just ask me), and one-shots do have plots, unless its a crack one-shot(again, just ask if you don't know what that is).
for the crack on-shots!: after writing the crack-shot, write something serious, k? I allow any fandom cept twilight.
p.s.i love crack-shots. X3(if they are well made)
How I Will Judge!
1. Use of words.
2. Grammar.
3. Spelling(only for stupid mistakes)
4. Writing style(if its awesome, good, or needs some work)
5. the dreaded.....MUST HAVE FUN!!! XD
p.s. if you have a one-shot/crack-shot on you would like me to see and not be judged u can send me a link throw this account or give me a link through to my account on there which is XxSpIcYpEpPeRxX.
1st. Fanword for you posted here or my fanfic account or fanart(colored or any medium u choose, cant do cg though)
2nd. Fanword posted here.
3rd. maybe a fanart(line art though or medium of my choice)?

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