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Write a fight scene, preferably in SCRIPT format.

As Saga II of my YYH Beyond! series comes to a close, thoughts of writing Saga III nears for me. I've been waiting for some time to present many momenteous events that will take place, but I still need to fill the rest of the saga in around these events. Saga III is the next Demon World Tournament, which means a lot of fights and battles. Fight scenes are not my forte in writing, so I'd like to see what others come up with.

*The fight needs to be between two people. YuYu Hakusho (and YYHB!) characters are preferable, but you may use characters from other series or original characters as well. I'm looking mostly for tactful ways to describe action.
*The fight may be a few episodes worth in length or as short as relatively 5 minutes (but if you make it that short, there better be a good reason for that short and quick tactic to work!)
*Dialog may be included, especially to maintain interest, but please keep it clean. Swearing and obscene gestures will be disqualified.
*You may submit multiple fights, please keep them to one post, separated by the BREAK tag
*As I will use the enteries for inspiration on writing through the Tournament Saga, I will give credit to those who enter for their help. If you wish to write a match that will make it into my Beyond! series you can ask me what opponents you would like to put together to see if they do face one another or not (as I already have the final 16 contestants-but I'm avoiding spoilers on this as much as possible) Even if the characters you want to match up don't fight each other in the saga, it will still help me get ideas for moves and style.

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Hiei vs. Kurama: Tactics ~Karmira
Jin vs. Cassiel ~NinjaGirlSango
Hulkster VS Savage: The Road to Final Victory ~Flint
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