Katana To Yourself Four Years Ago

Many of us are at an age where things happen fast and often. We rapidly change in the course of a single year, but what about over the course of four?

The biggest difference between ourselves then and now is what we know and what we have experienced. If you had the chance to talk to the younger you (with the result not punching a hole in the universe), what would you say and how would younger-you react?

Of course, the unpredictability of the future is what makes it so interesting, but this isn't the time to think like that. Within the next month, write a conversation concerning the topic of "things you'd tell yourself". It can be written in any fashion, such as a story, straight-up dialogue, or script-format. Use your better judgment on how long or short it should be.

Edit: For older members, I'm going to allow them to write entries to themselves from 10 years ago. Four years is different depending on your stage in life, hence my extension.

Winner shall be whoever writes something I like the best, plain and simple. The prize shall be up to the winner and can be whatever they choose (within reason).

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Talking to Myself ~Nehszriah
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