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First challenge ever! Okay, so, I have recently decided that my one true pairing is Axel and Roxas. So, going on that, I would like you guys to write me an Akuroku fic!

I don't want to read anything too sad. Extra points for making it funny!

So, yeah, there's your challenge. Give me something well written, with a fully developed plot. I don't mind reading long fics, so there is no page limit. As for the content, just follow the PG-13 maximum rating that this site has. Beyond that I'll read just about anything. Any questions, just leave a comment!

I thought about prizes, and I've decided to give an Akuroku fic to the first place winner! It's hard to give away one of my stories (because I put so much into them and they're like my babies) but I'd like to give one away. So, if you win, give me three keywords and I'll write you an Akuroku!

So start writing! You have three months to write me an awesome Akuroku! Good luck!

1st Place- 3 Keywords Akuroku fic
2nd Place- 2 Kingdom Hearts e-cards and a gift
3rd Place- 1 Kingdom Hearts e-card

Good luck, and have fun!

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