The Mask Remembering Light Yagami

On January 28, 2010, Light Yagami passed away in the Death Note world after failing to become the God of the New World. In relation to that, I would like open an invitation to all Death Note fans to create a eulogy for Light Yagami.

OBJECTIVE: To write a eulogy for Light Yagami

1. Write a eulogy or farewell speech to Light Yagami. Write it as if you are part of the Death Note universe. You may write as Near, as Misa, as one of the members of Near's investigation team, as the police team that accompanied Light, the family members of Light, or even as Light's classmates and friends.
(NOTE: You can also use the deceased characters such as L, Soichiro Yagami, Mello, and Takada, but please make sure that you acknowledge that they are dead.)

2. Submit it with the following specifications:
Post Type - Fiction
Category - Death Note
Nominate for Fan Words Publication - Checked (this one is your choice)

1. Grammar and spelling
2. Compliance with instructions
3. Originality
4. Clarity of intended message

1. How long should it be?
- It's your choice, though I prefer that it does not exceed 1000 words.
2. Should the tone of the speech be really sad?
- Not necessarily, since it is understood that there are those who don't like Light Yagami.
3. Does the deadline (February 28, 2010) have some sort of significance?
- Actually, yes. In the Death Note world, it would have been the 24th birthday of Light Yagami.
4. How many participants can win this challenge?
- A maximum of 3, though it may be reduced depending on the outcome of the challenge.

Sometime later, I'll be making my own eulogy. This, however, will not be counted as an entry.

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