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Rare are the quotes from the Bai Ze and though the book longer exists it intrigues my mind to the utmost extent.
The Bai Ze is a book of monsters, detailing all 11,520 types of special monster in the land. As myth would have it the book was written by the Yellow emperor under the direction of the lion bodyed (or across the sea, cow shaped) creature was gifted in human speech and knew all there was to know about well, everything.
Now you know the back story I have a challenge I would like to proclaim. Write me a page or two about a monster you think would be in there. Challenge last one month, ending December the 19th. Here some criteria.

Have Fun-this should apply to all that you do.
One entry per person, so make it good.
Be creative, I like dark, but nothing perverted (or so help me god)
NO STEALING-or I will rip off your head and feed it to a hungry Jorogumo!
Try not make it to great and awesome or I may have a hard time picking the winner

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Lady Death ~Air-Dragon
The kami no kami ~DemonKingAtticus
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