SandLover13 Ghost Stories: Think YOU can make one?

Ghosts. Some people believe them, others think it's just fiction. Everyone has heard at least every ghost story. Can YOU make up a ghost story haunting enough to scare me?

Here are the rules:

1.) The story can be in a haunted house or a prison or anywhere, it just has to have a ghost involved.
2.) I would allow sex relationships in this contest, as long as it's appropriate for theOtaku. (YAOI and YURI IS ALLOWED IN THIS CHALLENGE)
3.) It can be OC's, Characters from your favorite anime or movie, or it can be real life people who are already dead
4.) Make it scary, but appropriate for you
5.) To win, you get scream points from 1-50. Multiply it by 2 and you get your score. The top 3 people who get the most scream points wins.
6.) You have a month so have fun^^

If you have any questions, PM or comment me please?


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Care Bears Truely are Evil ~kyouyarenge
Victim ~DeidaraNarutoClan
Let the Game Begin ~DarkSong
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