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If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

Hey, Pikmin541 here again, and with another challenge! (Man these are fun to make >>’ )
Alright, let me explain it a bit. It’s a question my father would ask me from time to time, I honestly don’t know if he picked it up from somewhere or what, and I’d always have a different answer. But mine would be silly answers that just popped into my mind first without a second thought.
So here is the question, as he would ask it:

If you could have dinner with anyone, from a book or show or so forth, who would you have dinner with?

You know, dinner. Going to a nice place, or living room, sitting at tables or outside, and having a nice conversation with the person you chose. Having a chance to ask them some questions, or share your thoughts about certain things with them.
And it can be anyone! From a favorite book or series, from a favorite show or movie, even an actual person! The sky is the limit!....Unless the show/book/movie/series/etc. Is centered in space…Then it’s the universe?

Ok, so why is this a written challenge? Simple, I figured it would be hard to draw you and someone else sitting at a table or something. I was judging at how it would be for me, since I can’t even draw people sitting. >>; Sorry for some of you who can…
Also, I wanted to give some people who like to write a chance to shine. :D
*shot for stupidity*
But seriously, I see a lot of fan art challenges and wallpaper ones and so on. I don’t see many written ones. But then again, I don’t check much. I only click the titles that I find interesting.

Alright, I haven’t got my point across, I just keep rambling. Here is some key things:

-Keep in mind that it can be ANYONE. From a book, show, movie, book series, video game, comics, real life, online life, to ANYONE. Please keep that in mind!

-The way you have to write it can go two ways-
1. You can write it as explaining what you guys would eat -(You don’t really have to specify that, but that would be neat that you thought it all the way to that detail ._. )-and where you would have it at. Explain your reasons for wanting to have dinner with the person. Was it because they caught your eye? Was it because you find them intellectually wonderful? Was it because you thought of them as ‘hot’? I want you to explain your reasons, in great detail. Though, if it gets to being too personal, no need to spill some dark personal stuff. Just things you don’t mind sharing.

2. You can write it as a story. Like an actual detailed story instead of an essay like thing. I do want you to be detailed in this way as well, not just you going to the store and finding them at said store, then you guys saying hi and having dinner randomly, and leaving. I want detailssssss. For the reasons you can put them as thought or so on. Be creative!

Simple? Well…No, but I mean the two things I want you to remember. >>;
Now for some rules!


- Cannot be lusty. This is a website that a lot of youngsters go to. ._. And I don’t really enjoy lust stories because I don’t find them interesting.
- It can’t be like a paragraph or two long. I want it lengthy. Not like twenty pages, but not two paragraphs long. Please and thank j00.
- PROPER GRAMMAR/SPELLING. As in, no txt tlk, //0 l33t sp34|<,no Y U NO WRITE PROPER, no teriblie speling mistaks. The list goes on. Of course if it’s small mistakes like not knowing how to spell certain words or not knowing you made a grammar mistake. I still make grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. I keep putting down grammar like ‘grammer’ and I know that isn’t right. XD
- Oh! Do NOT panic if someone has picked the same person as you. Like if you both picked Thou-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. It if FINE by me, as long as they are not identical. If two people pick the same person, it will be interesting for me to read the different reasons.
- Please, in the beginning or title or end, put who it is and from what. If it’s someone in real like, I just would like to know if it was a friend or etc.

I think that should cover the rules. Heck, this thing is long, but it’s mostly me rambling. Sorry folks!

I hope you guys find this interesting. I think it’s interesting enough to make a challenge!:D

Oh yeah, almost forgot…

FIRST PLACE- Three stories written by me
SECOND PLACE: Two stories written by me
THIRD PLACE= One story written by me

-I WILL write about murder and so on. I don’t fear blood and gore, but I have limits to it. I won’t make it to sickening details about how well the person bathes in it.
- I will NOT write lusty stories. Blegh. No. Those are not interesting to me and I flat out refuse to write them.
-I WILL write about SWEET love stories if requested. I don’t mind as long as it’s sweet and NOT lustful.
-That being said, I don’t mind writing sweet Yaoi/Yuri love stories, just as long as it’s sweet and NOT lustful.
- I CANNOT WRITE POEMS TO SAVE MY LIFE. Please do not request them.
-Also, I won’t make chapter stories. ._. The best you’ll squeeze out of me is a few pages long at the most.

….Erm. Honestly, I can’t think of anything else I want to get out about what I will or will not write. Feel free to ask me about any other things. ._. Everything else that I can think of I’m fine with. I know that doesn’t point out much, but just some things I do want to point out.

PHEW! That was super long. Sorry folks, and thanks if you read this much! Hope you guys enjoy and have fun!
You don’t know how close I came to naming this “Dinner With The Arkhams”.XD

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