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You already know the game, but then one morning you wake up as one of the characters from Kingdom Hearts! What's more, you find that its about a day or so from when the game actually starts!

What is your initial reaction? Would you act the part of who you are or try to change things? Is this an opportunity or a nightmare?
I want you to write a short story about finding yourself in this predicament!

Gold Medals for the top 3, Silver for everyone else
Gifts for entries as long as I have gifts to give
E-cards for those who complete the second part

After the challenge is over, I'll edit here to add the directions to the second part. If you want an e-card that I'll make and dedicate to you, finish the second part of the challenge.
You don't have to do the second part to get a medal and gift.

1st or 3rd person narrative is fine
Story or script format is fine
You can have an introduction of before you find yourself in the game or start the story at the point you find yourself there
It can be you yourself, or an OC (or someone else's if you get their permission)
To keep the story short, only submit events for up till the start of the game
Please no genderbending
Keep it G-rated, remember half the collaborated game is Disney!

I would like to focus on what people would do in the particular situation of finding yourself as Kairi, Sora, or Riku on Destiny Island before the raft is built, but if this concept inspires you to write for a different situation, feel free to write and submit it as an entry, it will still be eligible for the gifts and ecard prizes. If it's still Kingdom Hearts but the situation is before Birth By Sleep or Days (etc.) starts then it may qualify for a gold medal if there are not sufficient pre-KHI entries. If it is about another series or game, you are still eligible for gifts and e-cards.
I don't know every anime out there, so it will be hard for me to judge entries for series I do not know. Of course I'd like to give other situations a chance if there are any, that's why they're eligible for the other prizes.

There's three months, so if you have different entries, I'll accept them, but only one gold medal per person. So if you have two really great entries, you'll still be eligible for the gifts and e-cards like every other entry but I'll take the best one for judging on which gets a gold medal. (Hope that made sense XP)

How well other characters are kept in character in reacting to your character.
Originality (did you copy stock dialog from the characters or incorporate the differences adding you to the picture would bring)
Overall plot (bonus points if someone learns something in the story)
How well it grabs and keeps my interest
Grammar, spelling, ease of reading (yes, I'd like to be able to understand what you wrote!)

I will only be awarding gold medals to Kingdom Heart entries, preferably pre-KHI

Only one gold medal per Otaku, I will take the best entry out of multiple entries when deciding this.

Please comment here after you have submitted with your e-card request (and if you have a gift preference to display on your portfolio) so I can keep up with the prizes and hopefully not be bombarded with 20 on the due date!

Also, I'm considering putting this challenge of fanfic.net, so if you have a ff.net account and put your story up there, give me the link so I can share it there!

Be sure to check back here after the challenge is over and medals have been awarded! I'll announce the followup in an EDIT here at the bottom of the details!

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