Markus wolfe Character Creation by the Numbers

You may remember my 2 most prominent fanwords:Making Better OCs and Making Better OCs: Villainous Edition

For this challenge, you must use the methods described in those works to build a new character, or re-build a pre-existing one. I can't honestly say I care whether it's original or fan (and if fan, which fandom it came from)

Read each step, then type down the ideas you brainstorm. As you go on, refine. By the end, you should have the summary of how the character was conceived and refined.

In using the techniques from the works, you will learn to create characters that are sophisticated, powerful, compelling, interesting and definitely not Mary Sues. So while the superior 3 characters will be notified as such, this will be a contest where everybody wins!

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Kusa Tokubetsu: A Ninja with Lazy Attitude ~SandLover13
The Character of Sai ~DeidaraNarutoClan
Character Creation by the Numbers Entry ~jannycats
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