Mr Sword Meaning to the Meaningless.

This challenge will be a long and grueling one, much like a marathon. Don't say I didn't warn you~

The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a yaoi fic while following all of the following rules.


1: All of the characters must be of your own creation.
2: Your work has to be at least ten pages long, fifty at most.
3: You can use any country as a location, even made up ones.
4: Two or more of the countries have to be at war.
5: At least three of your characters have to fight in it~
6: One of the main characters has to die half way through, excluding the seme and uke.
7: The seme has to have a submissive personality and the uke has to have an aggressive one.
8: The antagonist has a secret love of unicorns. 0.0 Don't question why.
9: The overall theme has to be comedy/action/drama.
10: It has to be O appropriate.

The deadline is three months, sorry it couldn't be longer. Oh, and good luck~


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