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Howdy Folks! Borealis here :D It's been so long, I haven't seen Aurora forever ! But I thought that it would be cool for us to host a challenge (I'll let her know what I've done when the time comes XD ). So here it is:


Option Numero Uno!

1. We've all read manga or watched anime where something happens that doesn't go QUITE as you hoped. Maybe the bad guy wins, maybe the girl falls in love with the wrong guy, maybe it stopped on a cliff hanger. Frustrated people of the world, this challenge is for you! Fan fic revenge!!!!!!

Now what exactly do I mean by that? We would all like to rewrite a few imperfect endings, so now it your chance. ------ <3 <3 <3------

Option Numero Dos!!!!

2. How about them characters with tragic pasts? Ever wondered what their lives would be like if they had a decent family life or their house wasn't burned down? Or maybe you're cruel and you are giving the perfect character a tragic past. Evil.
Whichever, we (or at least I) want to hear about it!!! Tell us what you would do differently.

Something to consider:

1. Include a short summary of what REALLY happened, either before or after your text ( sadly Aurora and I are not experts on every series... yet)

2. It can be as long as you like, or as short... all that is required is that it make sense and be creative/ follow the main point.

Have fun and see you in two months :D

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