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NOTE: this is the second of TWO strips released today. Press the "previous page" button to read the first.

No joke, it actually snowed a little on Wednesday afternoon in the Phoenix Metro Area, much to everyone's shock and surprise - including my own, though at first I wasn't even sure if I'd call it snow. XD This trooper's seen much more of the stuff out here in the mountains... ^^;

Also, if you're a bit new to Randomosity, this comic features several of my friends who appeared more frequently in the original Randomosity series from my high school years, and a bit in Randomosity: College and Beyond... I suppose if you really wanted to you could go back and read those, but it's most certainly not necessary, and if you do I warn you now: some things went on in those early strips that I am not proud of today. Also the art was horrid. As is the background on panel 2 of this comic, admittedly, but meh.

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