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Normally I wouldn't upload this until after my classes for the day, but meh. I figure it's technically Friday already, might as well upload it now.

... That and I'm not even sure how I'm going to get out of bed in time for my 11 am class tomorrow, I spent so much time making this comic spiffy. D: The frame darkening... The frame darkening! D8 I guess I got a bit carried away with that and decided "You know what, let's darken the margins too! And we have to have the lighting on the last panel match the lighting on the first! Maybe we'll throw some texture brushes onto our derpy-looking Weeping Angel friend there (whom I call derpy-looking because I realized after staring at this piece for so long how many stupid mistakes I made in drawing that thing. Namely the direction he's looking in - not compositionally sound at all - *brick'd*)! Oh wait it's almost 2 am and I have class in the morning... Derp."

I know, I know - "You haven't seen Blink until now?!" I'm not that far in the series yet and when I'm watching by myself I try to go in chronological order, okay?

Also, the katakana in the back of the final panel should read "bikkuri," which is an onomatopoeia for shock or surprise, if I recall right from class. I've a bad feeling I got the chiisai "tsu" wrong though. I always mix up the katakana "tsu" with the katakana "shi" because there's really only a subtle difference between the two characters - *brick'd* Alright, I'll shut up.

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