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For the most part, the old Randomosity crew has gone their separate ways - some of them I haven't even seen since graduation. And while technically "College and Beyond" could have covered my journey into university life, well... if you've read the C&B Finale you already know my reasons for starting over. ^^;

My goal: to not let this comic sink like I did with C&B at the beginning! Even if most of the comics are one-liners or doodles in my notes, or even if I go back to the classic Randomosity style of no shading to save production time (though hopefully it won't come to that?)! There will be new characters! There will (hopefully) be snow! ... And mountain lions?

Following the tradition of the previous two Randomosity series, this is placed under "crossover" - but will probably at most contain references to other series rather than actual character appearances beyond cameos like the first Randomosity and the beginning of C&B. I guess I'm just staying on the safe side? ^^;

My aim is to start posting comics on or before my first week of actually starting classes - for Christmas I'm taking a break from production to spend time with my family before they leave me with just my roommate and whatever plushies I could manage to pack for company.

EDIT: now with a new cover! :D The pony and the umbreon are just two of my other 'sonas, by the way. They may or may not feature in the comic... but then if they're on the cover, I suppose it's only fair they pop up at least once. ^^;

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