CelestialSushi (Fan Comic Portfolio) A Bridge (Troublingly) Overlooked

Hello, again!

Seems like this one took a little longer than I wanted it to take; and considering that the first two were both drawn in one evening each, this one definitely took its sweet time. That, and I'm afraid wolf Link looks so derpy in the last panel; I'm sorry I can't draw animals very well without a reference right in front of me! (<- Manga artist-like comment.)

So this comic is partially based on actual events; when I was playing through Twilight Princess and it came time to find the one bridge, I was teleported right in front of it. So to have Midna say "Look hard!" when it was right in front of me was quite hilarious. So hopefully knowing that this comic makes a little more sense ^_^U

Also, I want to thank chunglo on YouTube for his uploading of a Twilight Princess "walkthrough" of sorts (it's gameplay footage). The first panel was referenced directly from one of his videos, and I'll definitely be using the other videos for reference with later comics. So kudos to him.

In addition, I noticed the first two comics I drew had bugs in them, so I wanted to include a bug in this one as a little running gag, but unfortunately in my desire to finish this comic... I forgot to add the bug.

Well, with all that, I hope you enjoy the comic.

Zelda Fan Comics
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