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We all share a gift. We can see the world's colors as they truly are. However, as we grow older, our vision becomes blurrier, and it all fades to black and white. Most people forget about it and move on with their lives. But for some people, small glimpses of the elusive spectrum will reveal itself. Still, it is a rarity to see colors past a certain age, and even rarer still to see them in its entirety.

Aeron is one of the few exceptions who can see the world in all its wonderful hues. However his vision comes at a price. He can no longer remember his past NO matter how hard he tries, his past can never come back to him. Now a wanderer, he roams the continent in search of answers and a way to unlock his precious memories.

pffft crappy ass summary xD But anyway, thanks to DixieWings for helping me with shading :3 Yes I kept some of the shading. No it does not look horrible.

Been meaning to get this out yesterday but with school starting and stuff... Yeah. But enjoy :'D

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