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This is the 3rd page of the comic

the comic is called "Only Hope" and is a fun fantasy genre story... I have been working on it with my sister for a loooooooong time...^^

this bit is the (sort of stand-alone) intro for one of the characters.

His name is Zorn, and he is a Gelf (which is a race my sister made up... ^^ they have wings, tails, and a single horn on their forehead (usually).

Zorn has been the guardian of a forgotten temple for a very long time... the reason he is protecting the temple is that it is where (Aldereus) the half-demon brother of his betrothed Love (Chihaiya) had been sealed for purification after a devastating battle between them... the only way to allow Aldereus to live happily would be to purify his conflicting demon half through a complicated spell... Chihaiya was skilled in holy magic and very powerful, so she decided to seal herself on the astral plane in order to perform the spell. Zorn was not skilled in magic so he was unable able to help her, or follow her to the astral plane...so He agreed to protect the temple for as long as it took for the purification spell to be complete... and it ended up taking a veeeeeeery long time ;_; during that time Chihaiya was sealed on the astral plane to maintain the spell she also froze time for Zorn so that he could remain un-aging in the real world to physically protect and maintain the barrier spell around the temple where her brother was hidden for as long as it took.

There are only 8 pages to this bit of the comic.

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