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Sacred Grounds!
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Yo! Well, I've been thinking about turning one of my world ideas into a comic. So this idea originally came from my world "Sacred Grounds". Which explains the title of this comic. You'll have to take a look at my world's intro and such to understand this. Because the words "leaders" and "Co-leaders" will be in this series of comics. And you'll understand why final fantasy characters and anime characters are together in this crossover. But to those who are guest posters there will understand better.

But anyway, since it kinda gives me a headache sometimes in putting alot of detail in one comic strip, most of the characters and such will be chibified! But I guess this is just a series of funny and not so funny moments going on in the Sacred Grounds. I think I will put a beginning to this if I want to, but most of it will probably not have a real plot. Like after a few comic strips it will go to a different subject. But if I'm in the mood to do so, some of the pages might not be chibified! But anyway, this title page took me all day to draw. And I'll be using my manga studio more now I think. I just hope I have the whole thing figured out...

But anyway, this involves not only the world leaders and co-leaders of Sacred Grounds, but the other characters that other members of the world are. And since it will be more chibi, hopefully I'll submit pages. But I hope you guys will enjoy this when I get the whole thing started!

Tifa Lockheart
Cloud Strife

Co-leaders(xHaku Yowane)
Hope Estheim
Haku Yowane

World Link:
Sacred Grounds World

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